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2015 National Merit Scholarship Program

Recently, the 2015 National Merit Scholarship Program announced 20 Mason High School students as National Merit Finalists. This program is a prestigious academic competition for recognition and scholarship. These students include Kusha Ansari, Michael Chen, Michael Crawshaw, Charles Kim, David Liao, Ruby Liu, Nicole Markley, Sneha Rajan, Rahul Sandella, Isaac Steiger, Divya Takkellapati, Tina Tang, David Wang, Matthew Whipple, Sara Xiang, Jessica Xiang, Allison Yan, Nancy Yao, Sonia Yeolekar, and Nicholas Zhao.

Teacher's Research Pubilshed

Dr. Johnothon Sauer is a bit of a renaissance man. A mathematician who also taught theater and who describes himself as "just a bit sarcastic," Dr. Sauer has been bravely transforming his Mason High School classroom into a collaborative learning space where students both ask and answer the questions - and he facilitates their discussion and learning. 

Chronicle Received Highest Honor

The Chronicle receives NSPA All-American Highest Ranking
William Mason High School’s student newspaper, The Chronicle, earned an All American rating with five marks of distinction from the National Scholastic Press Association.
The Chronicle earned distinctive recognition in five categories.  They were: Coverage/Content, Writing/Editing, Photos/Art/Graphics, Layout/Design, and Leadership.

MI Spelling Bee Winner

Recently, Mason Intermediate sixth grader Sankhya Rajan was crowned as the victor of her school's Spelling Bee held on January 9. She will represent team Endeavor and take the online WCPO 9 On Your Side Semi-Finals Test. If she qualifies, she will then be off to the 2015 WCPO 9 On Your Side Regional Spelling Bee that takes place on February 3, 2015.
Sankhya was one of four student contenders who qualified and competed. Other participants included fourth graders Samvit Das and Eddie Kong, and fifth grader Gayatri Rajan.

MI Students of the Month

Mason Intermediate is proud to announce the January Students of the Month. They are:
4th Grade
Ellie Bishop, Ben Comatas, Luke Corson, Jack Dowers, Fabiola Godenzi, Anna Gogul, Katie Goyette, Peyton Gronholm, Caleb Hershberger, Jaelynn Huynh, Taylor Jackey, Jackson Kehl, Jack Kinasewitz, Savir Krishnan, Nathanael Lape, Isabella Marinelli, Sara Mathew, Olivia McCann, Jose Mejia, Alia Morris, Sanjana Nair, Devarth Patel, Piper Reed, Ellie Rogan, Libby Sears, Zach Stimler, Avery Tavella, Joseph Washington, Tyler Wilson
5th Grade

Integrated Media

The Integrated Media Internship class is new to Mason High school this year also known as IMI they are in charge of everything from MBC, Public Relations, and even the schools website! Whether or not you have an extensive technology background or just a want to learn something about technology they have a spot for you in their class! Photoshop to Premiere every software is available for your use, why not make the best of it and see what you can create to further your abilities and make the class better.


September 30, 2014
William Mason High School switched from the trimester system in a semester system this year and each semester will contain two quarters, each consisting of roughly nine weeks. Quarters will affect sports eligibility. “The nine week interims will determine eligibility along with end of first semester grades and so on,” according to administrator Mr. Rompies. “Students will need to be passing five out of their seven classes to maintain their eligibility,” according to fellow administrator Mr. Distel.

Mason City Schools Students among State's Highest Achievers

Mason is one of the top achieving schools in the State. We have earned an A in all categories except Annual Measurable Objectives. Our student's work very hard and diligently thus making this school what it is today. "Rankings while often celebrated, don't tell the whole story. We're proud that our children are performing at some of the very highest levels in the state, but there is much more to a high quality education than what's measured on the state tests." said Dr. Gail Kist-Kline, Superintendent.