Student of the Month

April Student of the Month

Ben Schutte

Ben Schutte was selected as the MHS/Kiwanis April Student of the Month.  Ben was nominated by Mr. Jeff Schlaeger, stating "The way Ben carries himself every day as a young man, who is both professional and spirited, he can be fun and engage others wihile simultaneously being tremendously respectful to all students and staff".  Ben is a member of the Men's Basketball Team, Black Hole, SIBS, and Young Life.  He will be attending the University of Cincinnati but is undecided on a major.


March Student of the Month 

Madeline Nosek

Mason High School senior Madeline Nosek was recognized as The Kiwanis Club of Mason's March Student of the Month. Nosek was nominated by MHS Language Arts teacher Patricia George.

"I have the privilege of being Madeline Nosek's English teacher. Many teachers will say they have wonderful, amazing, and talented students, but Madeline does all the talking and walking," shares George. "She is the marketing manager for the school's bank, Comet Savings and Loan. In this capacity, she directed this year's Pink Out, selling t-shirts that students wore to a boys' basketball game in order to raise money for Comets Care. Madeline also spearheaded the inaugural Live for Liz fundraiser to raise money for Cancer Free Kids in honor of Liz Lothrop."

A four-year Mason basketball player, "Madeline is genuinely intelligent, kind, and approachable. I'm not sure where she will be in ten years, but I know she will be doing something as remarkable as she is!" expanded George.


Nosek plans to study communications at the University of Dayton.

On March 23, the Kiwanis Club presented Nosek with $100 to commemorate her achievement. Madeline's parents, John and Leah Nosek, George, and Assistant Principal Dion Reyes joined the Kiwanians in recognizing Nosek's accomplishments. The Mason Kiwanis Club meets weekly at noon at the Houston Restaurant in Mason.


February Student of the Month 

Tori Berry

Tori Berry was selected as the February Student of the Month.  She was nominated by Ms. Nally who said, "Not only does she lead with integrity and dedication, she is also a positive presence during all meetings and activities; a presence that the younger students look up to for guidance and model behavior.  She inspires her peers with her thoughtful actions and her intrinsic motivation".  Tori is involved in Student Government, National Honor Society, is a National Merit Finalist and is the Student Body President.  In the fall, she will be attending Belmont University while double-majoring in Spanish and Global Leadership Studies.  Congratulations Tori!



January Student of the Month

Nathan Rodrigues

Mason High School senior Nathan Rodrigues was recognized as The Kiwanis Club of Mason's January Student of the Month. Rodrigues was nominated by MHS science teacher and National Honor Society Advisor Barb Shuba.

"Being the National Honor Society adviser has allowed me to get to know some of our top students in a unique way. We have an extremely large organization with over 190 members, so it is possible for students looking to simply add to their resume to fly under the radar and contribute very little to our organization. Nathan, since his induction at the end of his sophomore year, has always stood out as one of the true leaders of his class," shared Shuba.

"Without hesitation, he is always looking for ways to give back to others and to make all of our members feel involved. He is always thinking outside of the box to come up with new and creative ideas. He has a very collaborative nature and is always reaching out to partner with other school organizations on various projects. I was very excited when he choose to run for president, and was not surprised when his classmates choose him as their leader."


Rodrigues is a committed member of the National Honor Society, and recently chaired the MHS Talent Show fundraiser which raised nearly $6000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Rodrigues hopes to study Biomedicine at either the Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, Vanderbilt University, or Duke University.

On January 26, the Kiwanis Club presented Rodrigues with $50 and a certificate commemorating his achievement. Nathan's parents, Joseph and Neena Rodrigues, Shuba, and Assistant Principal Dion Reyes joined the Kiwanians in recognizing Rodrigues' accomplishments. The Mason Kiwanis Club meets weekly at noon at the Houston Restaurant in Mason.


December Student of the Month

Maggie Satterthwaite

Mason High School senior Maggie Satterthwaite was recognized as The Kiwanis Club of Mason's December Student of the Month. Satterthwaite was nominated by MHS Intervention Specialist Shannon Branciforte.


"I am so proud of Maggie and thrilled that she was selected to be MHS’ Student of the Month! "Because Maggie is so involved in so many things, she knows people everywhere and everybody knows Maggie. She is loved by so many people throughout school and in the community because of her positive, encouraging, and supportive personality. Maggie can easily brighten someone’s day with a smile, a kind word, or an encouraging shout-out on social media," shared Branciforte.


Maggie is an intern with the Project Reach program at Proctor & Gamble, she volunteers in a preschool classroom at MECC, volunteers at the store, Celebrate Local, and she also volunteers at Kids Korner at the Mason Community Center. She is a proud member of Comets in Action and she is is known as the Mason Comets Varsity Baseball Team's #1 Fan! Maggie is also a member of Young Life's Capernaum group. On December 8, the Kiwanis Club presented Satterthwaite with $50 and a certificate commemorating her achievement. Maggie’s parents, Scott and Emily Satterthwaite, Branciforte, and Assistant Principal Dion Reyes joined the Kiwanians in recognizing Satterthwaite’s accomplishments. The Mason Kiwanis Club meets weekly at noon at the Houston Restaurant in Mason.



November Student of the Month

Jaimen Hood

Mason High School senior Jaimen Hood was recognized as The Kiwanis Club of Mason's November Student of the Month. Hood was nominated by MHS business teacher Craig Murnan.


"Jaimen’s personal strength is leadership, problem solving, work ethic, and time management. His leadership is evident as he serves as a role model to his adopted siblings and foster-care brothers. His work ethic is demonstrated through his financial contributions to a household led by a single mother," shared Murnan. "Jaimen has worked outside the home since the age of 14 to help support the family. He has done all this while actively participating in volunteer opportunities, competing at state level competitions, and maintaining above a 4.0 GPA."


Hood is a second degree black belt in Tae Kwo Do and a member of the Varsity Wrestling Team. Last year, he qualified for the OHSAA State Wrestling Tournament at the 113 pound weight class for the comets. He was recognized as an All-Ohio Academic Award winner by maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher while competing at the State Tournament. Entering his senior season, Hood is one of the top ranked wrestlers in the State of Ohio and will be a senior captain on the wrestling team. He is also active in his community, and solicited and delivered two cars filled with Christmas gifts for children in foster care at ST. Joseph orphanage and Presley Ridge Foster Care Organization.


"Jaimen constructed a focus group that entailed the Men’s Ministry at Zion Global Ministries that evaluated various engineering careers. This focus group included Mechanical, Chemical, Biomedical Engineers along with young adults," explained Murnan. "The purpose of the group is to establish an open forum in which young adults can receive guidance from experienced professionals in the field of engineering, allowing them to act as mentors."


Throughout his high school career, Hood has taken more than the exceeded amount of math and science classes. Currently, he is in AP Physics and Calculus. Hood shadowed several engineers and has gained first-hand knowledge of the engineering field through extensive questionnaires and light shadowing during their time at work.


"My knowledge of Jaimen stems from the classroom, athletic arena, and peer mentorsing. Having taught and coached Jaimen in the past, I am impressed by his determination and desire to achieve both in the classroom, as a leader, and man of character," added Murnan. "Jaimen is one of the unsung hero’s in this school. Very few people know the depth of his story. He is humble, kind, and has a work ethic matched by very few."


On November 17, the Kiwanis Club presented Hood with $100 and a certificate commemorating his achievement. Hood's mother Marie, assistant principal Dion Reyes, and nominating teacher Murnan joined the Kiwanians in recognizing Hood's accomplishments. The Mason Kiwanis Club meets weekly at noon at the Houston Restaurant in Mason.



October Student of the Month

Matt King 

Mason High School senior Matt King was recognized as The Kiwanis Club of Mason's October Student of the Month. King was nominated by MHS science teacher Carol Lehman, and MHS sports medicine teacher Mark Sullivan.

"Matt is a true student-athlete! He maintains a high GPA and is a leader on the basketball court. Matt exemplifies all the qualities of a student-athlete. He is goal oriented, possesses leadership, confidence, and commitment, is coachable, believes in teamwork and discipline, and is highly-motivated," shared Sullivan. "He always goes out of his way to say "hi" and is extremely polite, and will ask questions when needed.  His head basketball coach, Coach Richards, cannot speak more highly of Matt! He was their team captain last year and there is every indication that he will be team captain this year as well," added Sullivan.

"Matt is an exemplary young man. He is truly a pleasure to teach on a daily basis. He is the first one to help others and is always willing to do the right thing, especially when no one is looking. He is the epitome of a student athlete and a leader both in and out of the classroom. He makes those around him better!" said Lehman.

Along with being a four-year starter on the MHS basketball team, King co-lead's the school's student spirit section, the Black Hole. He hopes to continue to play basketball in college, and plans to study sports management.

On October 20, the Kiwanis Club presented King with $100 and a certificate commemorating his achievement. King's parents Doug and Sharon, assistant principal Dion Reyes, and nominating teachers Lehman and Sullivan joined the Kiwanians in recognizing King's accomplishments. The Mason Kiwanis Club meets weekly at noon at the Houston Restaurant in Mason.


September Student of the Month

Ellie Harpen


Mason High School senior Ellie Harpen was recognized as The Kiwanis Club of Mason's September Student of the Month. Harpen was nominated by MHS teacher Jeff Schlaeger.
"Ellie has one of the most infectious personalities I have seen in 15+ years here at Mason. Every type of student is drawn to her positive energy - which is evident in her recent selection as an emcee for the Homecoming Pep Assembly next month," shared Schlaeger.
"She is an elected Senior Board member of Students Involving & Befriending Students (SIBS), and was instrumental in raising more than 17,000 for the Mason Food Pantry last year. She will lead that campaign this year, and is also on the homeroom planning committee. She is a wonderful role model to all students!"
Along with her work with SIBS, Harpen is a reporter for the school's broadcast media station, MBC, member of the cross country team, and plays club soccer. Ellie also volunteers at Western Row as part of the Future Teachers of America Program. She wants to study broadcast journalism, and is considering several out-of-state and Ohio universities.
On September 15, the Kiwanis Club presented Harpen with $50 and a certificate commemorating her achievement. Harpen's mom Fran Harper, grandmother Pat Schroeder, assistant principal Dion Reyes, and nominating teacher Schlaeger joined the Kiwanians in recognizing Harpen's accomplishments. The Mason Kiwanis Club meets weekly on Thursday at Noon the Houston Restaurant in Mason.

August Student of the Month

Amy Satterthwaite

Mason High School senior Amy Satterthwaite was recognized as The Kiwanis Club of Mason's August Student of the Month. Satterthwaite was nominated by MHS teacher Debbie Gentene.
"I am nominating Amy Satterthwaite for the Kiwanis Student of the Month because Amy is a selfless worker who spent the entire summer meeting customer needs as a part of the Comet Zone," shared Gentene. "Amy does not get paid, nor has she received credit for the work she has done. She is an example of that person who always goes above and beyond because it is the right thing to do. She chose to not close the student-run business during the summer, but instead followed up on emails and order requests because she felt a commitment to the community. She is a busy young lady, but she never once acted as if any of the Comet Zone/MHS business was an intrusion to her summer. She is a quiet leader who could easily go unrecognized, but once you meet her, she will easily make one feel like the only/most important person in the room. That's how selfless and committed she is!"
Along with her work in the Comet Zone, Sattherthwaite is an accomplished member of the MHS Cross Country team, and involved in SIBS. She hopes to study occupational therapy at the University of Alabama, the University of Georgia or The Ohio State University.
On August 25, the Kiwanis Club presented Satterthwaite with $50 and a certificate commemorating her achievement. Satterthwaite's parents, Steven and Cynthia Satterthwaite, assistant principal Dion Reyes, and nominating teacher Gentene joined the Kiwanians in recognizing Satterthwaite's accomplishments. The Mason Kiwanis Club meets weekly at the Houston Restaurant in Mason.